City scenes of the vehicular type: Dude WTF?!

August 11th, 2009 by cranky4life

Scene 1:

As  I approached the temporary bike bridge at Charles river path on Storrow drive side, a bike zooms right past me.  No “on your left” or anything.  But is all good…  not too crowded this morning.  As this person (“the dude”) pedaled away I noticed the helmet dangling on the left hand side handle bar.  Nice touch!

Scene 2:

I resumed my normal cruising speed, eventually catching and passing “the dude” on scene 1 (calling “on your left” – isn’t it nice when people give you a warning?)

Scene 3:

I made it to the Fiddler’s pedestrian bridge,  “the dude” on my tail. We both rode slowly up and down the bridge.

Scene 4:

We jumped on the street.  I slowed and stopped for the first red light.  “The Dude” went flying past me in between 2 cars. The dude was doing at least 15/18 mph.

Dude!, you are lucky!

Dude!!, if there had been a pedestrian crossing, neither of you would had a chance to react and at that speed… well I don’t want to even think about it

Dude!!!,  you had no visibility. No matter how high you were the Rav4 on your right and the Tacoma on your left were blocking the cross walk on either side.

Dude!!!!,  the helmet goes on your head not on your handle bar, but that’s OK I guess. It is your head after all so I don’t give a flying f$#!.

Dude!!!!, you might be fast (for short period of times), but you sure are .. well.. not very clever?

Dude!!!!, WTF?!!!!!!

Green House Gas Global Map and CO2 calculation

August 5th, 2009 by cranky4life

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change site has an interesting green house gas emission world map at

When you land on the map it shows the change in total green house gas emissions between the base year and the latest available year (2 years back from current year).  You can then query by type of GHG.

It turns out the base-year might vary depending on the country, but for the most part the base year is 1990 if I understood the notes on GHG Data.

Not sure why data from India and China is missing. Maybe the are not part of the treaties. I’m no expert.

LULUCF = Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry
Green = Decrease in emissions
Purple  = Increase in emissions

CO2 calculation

While we are in this subject, according to the US Energy Information Agency each gallon of unleaded gas generates 19.56 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). The same agency estimates the average vehicle on the road gets 20 miles to the gallon (at least before cash for clunkers – lol).

So… use public transportation, car pool, walk or [drum roll….] bike 😉

Project: AMF Roadmaster

August 5th, 2009 by cranky4life

I will be trying to bring this AMF Roadmaster back to life. Not sure if I want to bring it back to its original color and form or go with a crazy paint scheme and colorful wheels. When done it will be my wife’s bike.

AMF Roadmaster 2
AMF Roadmaster

Foldable Bikes

August 5th, 2009 by cranky4life

24-year old Dominic Hargreaves came up with a pretty cool foldable bike. It looks to be a prototype as I don’t see a chain or drive shaft. (see skynews article)

The folded size is pretty small, and the design is pretty sleek. Looking at the couplers he uses in this bike reminds me of these Torque Couplers I looked a long time ago to retrofit into a normal bike:

By the way check out the Folding Bicycle FAQ written by Steven M. Scharf – it is quite a few years old it seems but it is a good starting point.