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Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I’m a fan of blog. (and of course, too ;))

As a cyclist and a driver, the  “Drive with your heart” posting was inspiring.

City scenes of the vehicular type: LOL

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Boy I guess the summer temperatures are getting to all of us today, here goes another one: Girl dressed in racing attire on nice road bike waiting for light to turn green. As soon as light goes green a chubby looking contractor in pick up truck yells: “Move your fat ass!” – ROTFLMAO.. U have to love this city. I wish I had a camera on all the time… – I will post something with more substance one of these days 😉

City scenes of the vehicular type: Dude WTF?!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Scene 1:

As  I approached the temporary bike bridge at Charles river path on Storrow drive side, a bike zooms right past me.  No “on your left” or anything.  But is all good…  not too crowded this morning.  As this person (“the dude”) pedaled away I noticed the helmet dangling on the left hand side handle bar.  Nice touch!

Scene 2:

I resumed my normal cruising speed, eventually catching and passing “the dude” on scene 1 (calling “on your left” – isn’t it nice when people give you a warning?)

Scene 3:

I made it to the Fiddler’s pedestrian bridge,  “the dude” on my tail. We both rode slowly up and down the bridge.

Scene 4:

We jumped on the street.  I slowed and stopped for the first red light.  “The Dude” went flying past me in between 2 cars. The dude was doing at least 15/18 mph.

Dude!, you are lucky!

Dude!!, if there had been a pedestrian crossing, neither of you would had a chance to react and at that speed… well I don’t want to even think about it

Dude!!!,  you had no visibility. No matter how high you were the Rav4 on your right and the Tacoma on your left were blocking the cross walk on either side.

Dude!!!!,  the helmet goes on your head not on your handle bar, but that’s OK I guess. It is your head after all so I don’t give a flying f$#!.

Dude!!!!, you might be fast (for short period of times), but you sure are .. well.. not very clever?

Dude!!!!, WTF?!!!!!!