City of Boston Bike Survey

First, what a beautiful morning to ride! I love the clear blue skies winter gives us all.

Second, the City of Boston is conducting a bike survey and is looking for as much feedback as they can get.

Some of my answers:

Commute 90%, grocery shopping 5%, fitness 5%
Average ~3,400 miles a year
3 accidents over the past 5 years.

1. Passenger getting out of car at red light doors me. No injuries. Pinky cut and bruised leg. The car was a BMW convertible. The window shattered into million pieces. The fact that the door did not have a window frame made a big difference. Thank you car designer.

2. Ice on the Charles river bike path. Front wheel slides under me. No injuries (my ego may not agree with this)

3. Try to go over frozen foot steps at Charles river bike path. Did not make it 🙂

In winter I no longer try to ride on the charles river path. I rather use Mass Ave.

Share your stories if you want.


2 Responses to “City of Boston Bike Survey”

  1. Chris says:

    Convertibles never have window frames on the doors. (If they did it would look stupid when the top was down). BMW sedans do have window frames.

  2. j.p.k. says:

    Getting doored is really really bad !!! When it happened to me on Mass. Ave. , Camb., in front of Stereo Jacks, I had been in total la-la land riding too close to the car door DANGER ZONE. Fortunately the bus MISED me.

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