Green House Gas Global Map and CO2 calculation

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change site has an interesting green house gas emission world map at

When you land on the map it shows the change in total green house gas emissions between the base year and the latest available year (2 years back from current year).  You can then query by type of GHG.

It turns out the base-year might vary depending on the country, but for the most part the base year is 1990 if I understood the notes on GHG Data.

Not sure why data from India and China is missing. Maybe the are not part of the treaties. I’m no expert.

LULUCF = Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry
Green = Decrease in emissions
Purple  = Increase in emissions

CO2 calculation

While we are in this subject, according to the US Energy Information Agency each gallon of unleaded gas generates 19.56 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). The same agency estimates the average vehicle on the road gets 20 miles to the gallon (at least before cash for clunkers – lol).

So… use public transportation, car pool, walk or [drum roll….] bike 😉

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